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Hiding Posts from Index page and RSS feed

I somehow feel responsible for my RSS readers and my Index page. E.g. I don’t want to spread out trivialities but I’ve got a section which is covering these topics. So I thought of how I can keep posting minor important stuff without bothering my readers.

On my search I stumbled upon a plugin called Advanced Category Excluder which provides you with much more control about categories in WordPress.

Among other things you can declare posts in any category to be hidden from – well – anything. May it be RSS, your sitemap, your index-page, search-results, archives and whatever you could imagine.

Though this is not exactly what I was looking for (because I want set these options for each post, not a complete category) but it does it’s job. I’ve set up posts in Trivialities to be not sent to my RSS feed and to not appear on the index-page.

Et voilá, it worked – I’ve posted an article and nobody did notice. :)

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